About Us

The old world apprentices learned their trade by working with other journeymen, learning from the ground up over a long period of time. Many today learn by reading a book or watching a video. Jeff Wilson’s background in slate started at an early age. Being surrounded by slate quarries as a youth and working at them earned him a bottoms-up background in the handling and manipulation of slate. Much like the old time craftsmen, Wilson Enterprises personnel take their skills to a level of craftsmanship that is not often seen in today’s world of quick fixes and speed construction.

With over 30 years experience in installing, restoring and repairing slate roofs, Jeff Wilson has gained much expertise within the trade. With his ability to determine the origin, characteristics and approximate age of the existing slate, Jeff Wilson, and Wilson Enterprises is a vital asset to anyone interested in restoring or repairing a slate roof.

Most contractors repair slate roofs as a sideline at best. Here at J Wilson Enterprises we are totally devoted to the art of slate roof installations and restorations.

All slate mechanics and laborers who work for Wilson Enterprises are employees of Wilson Enterprises and have completed an extensive in-house training program.

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